How To Protect Your Personal Belongings From Insects While Using A Rented Storage Unit

If you are about to place your personal belongings in a rented storage unit or you already have them in one, you might be interested in the things you can do in order to protect your stuff from being destroyed by insects.

Keep It Clean

The first thing you will want to do is to make sure that you are keeping your rented storage unit clean from all garbage. This includes everything from food crumbs and old drinks to empty boxes that used to contain food in them. The smell will attract various pests that will come in and make your rented storage unit their new home. Therefore, if you are going to be working in your storage unit for a few hours so you can organize it and you will need a snack at some point during that time, you will want to make sure that you are stepping out of the unit and eating either outside or in your vehicle. Even the smallest of crumbs that you can barely notice with your own eyes can attract a lot of insects.

Make Use Of Moth Balls

You might want to place some moth balls around your rented storage unit. While moth balls may not give off the most pleasant scent, it is not something that you are going to have to worry much about because you will only be in there when you need to retrieve something or when you are ready to empty your shed. Even if you do not suspect that you will have a problem with moths, it is better to be safe than sorry. Also, it is important to know that moth balls tend to keep away more than just moths. Spiders, ants, and mice all tend to want to stay away from the moth balls so these can be used as an excellent line of defense against the pests that still make it into your rented unit no matter what you do.

Apply Pesticide Along The Bottom Of The Walls And Doors

You can use a powdered form of pesticide so you do not have to worry about inhaling any toxic fumes in a small space. Just make sure that you are spreading it along the bottom of all of the walls and the door where they come into contact with the floor. This should do the trick at keeping insects and other pests from trying to enter your rented storage unit.

Protecting your personal belongings while in a rented storage unit, like those at Bill King Moving, has never been so easy.